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Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011, 09:12

Vertical Studios - Colorado Camping Weekend


Vertical Studios haben ihre nächste Missionsreihe veröffentlicht... :thumbsup:


Welcome to Colorado! We have a great weekend planned for you. Not only will you get to enjoy camping in the Rocky Mountains, but you will also experience some great Mountain Flying. During the next 4 days you will visit 5 airports, including Aspen and Leadville, which is the highest airport in the US. You will also fly over 6 mountain passes.

Each add-on mission for FSX includes:

• Detailed aeronautical charts of your departure, route, and arrival
• FSX Nav Log, Flightplan and GPS with programmed waypoints
• Real world voice actors with written text of entire dialog


P.s. Die erste Reihe von Vertical Studios. :thumb:
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